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So I’m qualified!

So I’m qualified!

Aah it feels good to say I’m finally Google Adwords qualified! I got my Google Analytics qualification in 2011 but never bothered to go for the Adwords qualification. Then I got an invitation from Google for their Google Engage event (pics) in Brussels and we received some free coupons. Thanks Google! 🙂


A few tips for people that are planning to take this exam.

The Google Adwords certification program is divided into 2 examens (1 fundamental + 1 advanced exam) on which you have the have at least 85%. Both exams have +- 110 questions which you’ll have to answer within 2 hours.

Revising everything you know is crucial for succeeding since there are alot of weird/vague questions which you’ll only know when you’ve read the docs.

Good luck!