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PHP Zend Certified Engineer!

PHP Zend Certified Engineer!

Woot! I’m finally a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) for PHP 5.3, it’s about time after more than 8 years of continuously using PHP..

I can’t tell exact questions due to NDA with Zend but here’s some subjects you really should check:

  • late static binding
  • OOP concepts
  • regex
  • functions and arrays
  • passing by reference, returning by reference
  • ALL php functions (name, meaning, expected output, unexpected output)
  • php.ini directives
  • namespacing
  • PDO and databases
  • file uploads
  • streams

As for sample questions.. again you won’t find them online for this exam, but you can always try the ones for PHP4 @ http://koduleht.eu/phpzendtest/.