php-pushover, a PHP class for sending push notifications to iOS & Android

So I’ve been using Notifo for a while now and I must say, lovely service. Unfortunately, they will be closing down..

In my quest for a new push notification provider, I stumbled upon Pushover.
Pushover is by far the only service that can deliver (free) push notifications to both iOS and Android platforms, with a simple API, and a lot of cool options. Even authentication is very easy (not like Prowl). Have a look at their api docs.

Here’s the php class I wrote for Pushover:

And here’s how you use it:

$push = new Pushover();
$push->setToken('app token goes here');
$push->setUser('user token goes here');
$push->setTitle('Hey Chris');
$push->setMessage('Hello world! ' .time());
$push->setUrlTitle('cool php blog');
$go = $push->send();

Good luck! And let me know which cool projects you used this for! 🙂

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