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Laravel DirectAdmin bundle

Laravel DirectAdmin bundle

I recently started playing with the Laravel PHP framework and my god I love it! So fast and so easy.. yet you have total freedom!
Anyway I wrote my first bundle for Laravel (a bundle is something like a package you can use in multiple projects) which is an implementation of the DirectAdmin API.

You can download it from github (https://github.com/kryap/laravel-directadmin) or use the laravel artisan tool:

php artisan bundle:install directadmin

Now you only have to tell your Laravel application you want to use this bundle so add this to application/bundles.php:

return array(
    'directadmin' => array(
        'auto'  => true

You might want to change the config/settings.php default values in case you’ll just access 1 static DA server.

return array(
    'host'          => '',
    'port'          => 2222,
    'login'         => '',
    'password'      => ''

And you’re ready to play with it! Get an instance:

$da = IoC::resolve('DirectAdmin');

And fetch some DA info:

        'domain' => 'domain.com',
        'action' => 'list'
$da = $da->fetch_body();

By the way, make sure you read the DirectAdmin API docs @ http://www.directadmin.com/api.html