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Laravel 4 released

Laravel 4 released

Great news! My favorite PHP framework Laravel finally released version 4 after 5 public beta’s and months of waiting. Why am I so happy? Well.. it makes my job as a developer a lot simpler compared to my Zend Framework days.

Here’s why you must try Laravel

  • Smart framework: write less code (faster + easier)
  • Works with composer, the PHP plugin tool
  • Filters, events, rest, built-in auth, … it has it all out of the box
  • Eloquent ORM: the smartest and easiest PHP ORM today!
  • Unit testing for all components

So what’s new in Laravel 4?

  • L4 now runs on PHP >= 5.3.7
  • PSR-0 code standards are used
  • Composer (packagist.org) instead of Laravel bundles
  • Lot’s of small but convenient little tweaks and options
  • Mail is now built in
  • L4 is built with Unit Testing in mind
  • Great community!
  • The command line tool (artisan) is now more powerful

Here’s what changed in L4:

Laravel 4 introduction

Download Laravel @ http://laravel.com/, and make sure to follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/laravelphp